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Our advantage is exactly that we are much smaller player. The only other people who are going after the market of consumer search are big players like Neeva and People running them are hotshots, they have decades of experience, millions and millions of dollars in funding, big and amazing teams. Trouble? They are all “Adults” and expected to behave like one. As in, they are expected to be right most of the time. They are expected to know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it and how. This expectation…

What’s happening:

  • The second wave of Covid is here, and it is really bad. Two people I knew are no more. Damn lot of friends have covid. Things have got super scary super quickly. Everyone please stay safe and take care.
  • To help people find covid resources quickly, I launched on Thursday 22nd April. Design wise it wasn’t great, but it did “work”. Aishwarya Bharadwaj, reached out to me on Twitter and helped build a unified search on covid with great UX which launched at
Demo of the covid app


  • Good UI/UX makes a *lot* of difference

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This is an excerpt from my diary, where I am trying to come in terms with my own ambitions. When we were preparing for IIT JEE, there were these kids who you could feel were laughing at you for even thinking that you could crack JEE. I feel similar things happening now, when I talk about Neera, our idea and the aim, I can instantly feel them saying inside “That’s ridiculous”, I realized I wasn’t fully in terms with my ambitions either. I was shy expressing that I really think we can…

Ben Horowitz said Hire on strengths, rather than lack of weakness. It is the job of the org to limit the downsides of people’s weakness, and amplify their strengths.

I’ll talk about mine.

  • I am extremely flexible, I can quickly reorient myself for a situation I have never seen or never been into.
  • I think and see broadly, I can see patterns from one domain being applicable in another domain. This often allows me to come up with very creative solutions sometimes. This also gives me a good general intuition of how things might turn out.
  • I think I see…

This is guide to myself about asking advise.

Aim: You want to get accurate picture of a particular situtation might play out. So ask for that.

Good example advise email

Dear Nole Ksum,

I am … <Describe context>

This is how I think things will play out ….

Do you think it is accurate representation?

There are other ways as well. The main point is ask for data.

What not to ask for?

  • Don’t ask for permission
  • Don’t ask for validation
  • Don’t ask for answers — They are probably as clueless about the answers as you are. …

At my first job, I worked at a huge investment bank. While I was there, the managing director (MD) of my team left the firm. I was curious and asked my manager how the firm decided on the new boss? The answer surprised me.

When a new boss gets appointed you would think he/she should be an expert in the work the team does. I was in the data science team. So you would think the top boss should be a data science expert. Which our previous boss was, a big shot PhD from Stanford. Though, when the new boss…

4th April, 2014

There were a bunch of people sitting on the mattress, playing cards.
They were having a good old laugh.
Even when they were not drinking from the glass.
But that wasn’t a scene that would last.

Someone cried “Electricity at last”,
“I’ll watch a episode of Game of Thrones with a blast.”
Everyone took a breath fast.
Went into to their rooms to see the cast.

Or Life, Food and Work for an Indian in Japan

Tokyo Skyline. Credit: Derrick Brutel

Japan is a curious place for most of us. We have heard so many stories about Japan, how it is ridiculously clean, how people are extremely polite, how there is almost no crime. I wanted to know what it is like to actually work and live there, especially as an Indian. So I called up my friend Siddharth Kannan, who works at Mercari in Tokyo as a backend engieer and I interviewed him about his life in Japan. Here’s an edited transcript.

Harsh: So, Siddharth, how did you end up at Mercari?

Siddharth: So, I was in a dual degree…

Aim of a book is review is get you excited enough about a book to make you read it, but often I only end up saying “this book was a really interesting” or make it “really really interesting” but that’s not very interesting so let me try something else [without giving spoilers].

The book is a hard science-fiction, hard means that the author tries to keep the work as scientifically accurate as possible. It does invent things, but the basis of everything remains scientifically solid. Imagine if we had three suns instead of just one, then they would go around…

Harsh Gupta

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