Book Review: The Three-Body Problem

Harsh Gupta
2 min readAug 8, 2018

Aim of a book is review is get you excited enough about a book to make you read it, but often I only end up saying “this book was a really interesting” or make it “really really interesting” but that’s not very interesting so let me try something else [without giving spoilers].

The book is a hard science-fiction, hard means that the author tries to keep the work as scientifically accurate as possible. It does invent things, but the basis of everything remains scientifically solid. Imagine if we had three suns instead of just one, then they would go around in a very unpredictable manner. In winter it will be too cold as all the suns are too far, and then in summer all three suns will be blazing on the top of your head, evaporating everything, there are is a sweet spot between them, pleasant and livable but you don’t know long will that last. The winter can be there for a day or even years or so is the case for summer, and you don’t know in what order will they appear and for how long. How will a civilization cope with such chaos? Well read “The Three body problem” to find out.