What is our advantage against the big players?

Harsh Gupta
2 min readMay 13, 2021

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Our advantage is exactly that we are much smaller player. The only other people who are going after the market of consumer search are big players like Neeva and You.com. People running them are hotshots, they have decades of experience, millions and millions of dollars in funding, big and amazing teams. Trouble? They are all “Adults” and expected to behave like one. As in, they are expected to be right most of the time. They are expected to know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it and how. This expectation of really knowing their shit leads them to be really careful, considerate and slow. Neeva have been working on the product since 2019, they still aren’t generally available. You.com people are on it for than a year and all they have to show for is a home page. I had a search engine for myself the weekend I left my job.

We on the other hand are “kids”. This means we don’t know a damn lot of stuff, but we aren’t expected to. We can do all kinds of mistakes and get away with it. This means can we can learn much faster, move much faster and grow much faster. Unlike, human kids, there is no speed limit to how fast companies can grow in the age of internet. We might be nobodies at the moment, but we can get ahead of everyone else. This is our real advantage.

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