Brace yourself, scary times are here

Harsh Gupta
2 min readApr 30, 2021

What’s happening:

  • The second wave of Covid is here, and it is really bad. Two people I knew are no more. Damn lot of friends have covid. Things have got super scary super quickly. Everyone please stay safe and take care.
  • To help people find covid resources quickly, I launched on Thursday 22nd April. Design wise it wasn’t great, but it did “work”. Aishwarya Bharadwaj, reached out to me on Twitter and helped build a unified search on covid with great UX which launched at
Demo of the covid app


  • Good UI/UX makes a *lot* of difference
  • Your product improves extremely quickly if you have users. I had a cousin call me at night telling me something wasn’t working when he was trying to use the site to help out some of his friends. So I fixed the issue within next hour.
  • Marketing is extremely important, our app reached many more people when I posted a 10s video about the app on Whatsapp and instagram.
  • Impact of your work = (Quality of the work) X (Number of people using your work)
  • We Engineers often ignore the second part of the equation
  • Even after the apps and all, the situation on ground is grim. We would like to believe we are helping, but IDK. We are doing what we can.

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